With the recent cold weather and no sun, our picking season has been delayed a couple of weeks.  We estimate we are still at least a week away from opening the PYO patch 🙁


Please check in here or on our FB page as we will update you as soon as we can open the patch with our delicious Albion strawberries.

There is a carpet of strawberry flowers :-)

The pick your own strawberry patch is looking stunning with a carpet of white flowers !

Hopefully, with some sun and warmth we should see the first fruit in around mid October woohoo 🙂

We will keep you up to date here and on FB.

It’s definitely worth the visit for a delicious coffee or one of our new crispy pork (Asian style rolls).  Local SA pork, our own pickled carrot and daicon,  beautiful Little Acre Pate’ with BD Farm butter.  Chilli and coriander if you like.  Simply tasty !

The market hall is still stocked with all our own made jams, pickles, sauces, chutney and pastes.

Don’t forget Nangkita Oil AWARD WINNING oils and olives.  Recently, judged best in show at the Royal Adelaide Show.  When only the best will do 🙂

See you soon !!


With the recent rain and cold weather, we have closed the PYO and declared our strawberry season over.  See you again late October or early November.  We will keep you updated on here and on FB.

The market hall is still loaded with delicious local produce.  Creamy Kennebec potatoes, sweet carrots and tender brocollini tops just to name a few.  Come in and see what’s new !

Our freezer is full of our frozen berries available in both 500gm or 1Kg packs.

Our cafe menu is delicious accompanied by our Altura coffee

Come in, it’s warm inside 🙂


Temporary new phone number

To contact the Market Hall Manager please call


0448 598 198

for all enquiries, bookings orders etc.  We will eventually get the old number re-directed.  Apologies for any inconvenience 🙂

Yes, the PYO patch is still open :-)

We will maintain the PYO strawberry patch until we get washed out by winter rain.  There is some amazing fruit out there for the picking 🙂


Our range of fresh produce is growing and changing.  Pumpkins and potatoes coming next week.  Dug our first sweet potatoes today !

The soup of the day changes with what produce we have.  A favourite at the moment is our hearty and delicious potato and leak with a little fresh thyme and freshly cracked black pepper.  A warmed ‘Our place’ of The Range crusty roll accompanied by BD Farm butter.  YUM !!  Also available take away 🙂

The fridges are bursting with amazing local produce such as Little Acre pate’ and terrine.  BD Farm soft cheeses and creamy cheddar and gouda.  Of course our stalwarts of the dairy world Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company produce.  The yoghurt is delicious !

Our own made icecream and gelato are a real hit.  The best milkshakes you will ever try too.

Megan’s GF cake of the day is a delicious sweet treat with an Altura coffee mmmmmmm

Nanny’s treats ‘Bliss Balls’ are new in this week and selling up a storm.  Who can stop at one ???

Come in for a browse !  It’s warm inside 🙂

Open 7 days all year around !

Come and see the new market hall and cafe !  Filled with our fresh produce grown on the property as well as other deliciously fresh produce from our friends on the Fleurieu.  Beautiful apples and pears from Ashbourne Orchards with a sprinkling of lettuce, spring onions and celery from Tooperang.

The Nangkita Olive Oil is selling up a storm.  It is such a beautiful oil with fresh cut grass aroma, and a delicious peppery finish.  You will not be disappointed with this award winning local oil and at very reasonable prices.  Their olives are proving very popular too with many customers coming back to stock up 🙂

Our own made icecream is really popular with both young and old in waffle cones and in our milkshakes.  Accompanied by Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt company milk of course.

Biggest seller on the weekend was the good old Ham and cheese toastie !  What a winner with the awesome Ellis of McLaren Vale Butcher smoked ham and BD Farm of Paris Creek Cheddar.  Delicious !

The platters are catching on with comments from customers that they love the range of different produce that they haven’t tried before.  It’s like a taste of the Fleurieu 🙂

Everything in the market hall is either grown on the property or sourced from the Fleurieu Peninsula (except the sugar in our jams and pastes of course – nobody grows it here 🙂  Also, the ‘chocolate’ dip.  It comes from QLD too.  If we take it off of the shelf our customers are really grumpy so, until we can find a local affordable product it stays.

Everything is gluten free !!!  We make our own gluten free bread (from Lauke of Strathalbyn special flour mix) on site in non contaminated conditions.  If ordering a platter we can just change up the bread.  All toasties, waffles and pancakes are cooked in dedicated ‘gluten free’ equipment of course.